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How to process Offline Control Module Programming Mode in Latest DAS Benz ?

When we do control module programming with mb star diagnose, mostly we choose Xentry Das Online (diagnostic unit networked) . If a network connection is not available, the 'offline' process - Offline (diagnostic unit not networked) can be used.

How to process Offline Control Module Programming Mode in Latest DAS Benz ?

1) Directly decompress the software when you get. Then Run the exe program.

2) After you install the software, you will see this, click the icon in the upper left corner. Attention, the ID on this box is wrong.

3) After open this icon, you will see the right ID:

4) copy the ID and send it to us. we will resend you a license.

5) Decompress the license we send to you, and run it directly. Then this software will be ready for use.

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