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BMW GT1 DIS V55 SSS V32 Technical Support

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Here is the technical service about BMW GT1 DIS V55 SSS V32, including How to install BMW GT1 VMware software, how to run DIS or SSS system, ops-gt1.pdf, BMW GT1 FAQ, BMW GT1 Requirements for computer, BMW GT1 Version, BMW GT1 software, BMW GT1 vehicle coverage, BMW GT1 Test function, The way of turn off BMW GT1. Hope they can help you solve your technical problem.
Check the attachment about "How to install BMW GT1 VMware software,BMW GT how to run DIS or SSS system,ops,gt1.pdf".

 BMW GT1 version 
1).BMW GT1 fit IBM T30- software version :DIS V57, DIS V55, SSS V32,  DIS V55 is special for BMW EW4. BMW GT1 fit IBM T30 runs faster than the version that fit all laptop.2).BMW GT1 fit all laptops- software version :DIS V55,SSS V32,not limited with IBM T30 PC.Requirements for computer:windows XP professionalMin 2GB free space in C: Partition  Min 1.8 GHz CPU512 MB memorySupport USB 2.0 function
DIS system is for diagnosis, SSS system is software syste and used to do coding and programming.BMW GT1 softwareBMW GT1 software kit comprises of five systems, TIS system .DIS data system; diagnosis system .measuring system and management system. You can do test and check data information at the same time in GT1.
BMW GT1 language DIS system: English,Chinese and KoreaSSS system:English,Chinese,Japanese,Korea, Thai,Spanish,Italian,Dutch,Greece,Swedish,Indonesian,Turkish,Portuguese,French and Russian. 
BMW GT1 vehicle coverage

BMW gt1 is designed for diagnosing and programming BMW Series before 2005 year, if BMW Series vechicles after 2005 year have no optical fiber, BMW GT1 can do them. If not, BMW ops will make up, BMW OPS do coding and programming for BMW cars with optical fiber after 2005 years till 2009 years. 
BMW GT1 supported BMW vehicles:

1 Series
3 Series
5 Series
6 Series
7 Series
8 Series
X Series
Z Series
Z Reihe
MINI Series
How to install the VMware software

BMW GT1 with moveable hard disk we supplied run and play in VM Player. How to run VM Player, there are VM Player folder in the moveable hard disk for you run. Check “How to install the VMware software “in the  " Related Download Files"
How to run DIS system or SSS system
Check “How to run DIS system or SSS system “in the  " Related Download Files"

see more details as follows:
When using BMW GT1, BMW OPS, BMW Mini OPS HDD with IBM T30, how to switch between DIS Diagnostic Device and SSS32 Diagnostic Device?
Reply: DIS Diagnostic Device and SSS V32 Diagnostic Device both run with DOS system.
1) To run DIS Diagnostic Device, it works automatically.
2) To run SSS V32 Diagnostic Device,
A) Open IBM T30, then wait for a while, until IBM T30 screen shows “Boot” words: see the photo


B) Press “space” key. Or any key of “up” “down” “left” “right” is ok!
C) Input “bootos”+ "space” key+ “3”, then press “enter” key.

D) Then the following screen appears.

E) Then the IBM T30 screen becomes black, then white, until the following screen appears. Now it is ready to run SSS32 Diagnostic Device

Note: sometimes IBM T30 will restart, if it will, repeat the above-mentioned steps.

The way of turn off BMW GT1

1:the way of turn off GT-I:
The way of turn off GT-1 is
1:   click the  "Ctrl+Alt+F12".
2:   please input "shut",
3:   then click "enter",
4:   at last shut down the computer.

2:the way of turn off SSS:
The way of turn off "SSS" is:
1:  click the "Administration",
2: click the "setting",
3: click the "Useable",
4: click the "operating status",
5:  at last click the "switch off"

1, BMW GT1 is packed with a internet cable, please use it carefully, it is easily broken. And if bmw gt1 do not work well, please change for another internet cable, maybe this used cable is broken.
2. When you want to end the VMware player, do not click the window's “close", to choose the "power off".
3. Do not suddenly power off, otherwise bmw gt1 lifecycle will be shortened. 

FAQ: Q:What is this version BMW GT1 different from GT1 DIS V57 SSS V32 Fit IBM T30?A: There are two different. First one, this version GT1 do not limited on IBM T30,it can work with any laptops,as long as this laptop support USB 2.0. Second, this version GT1 DIS version is V55 while IBM T30 version is V57.Q:Can GT1 do coding and programming?A: No.GT1 can not do coding and programming.It is good for diagnose cars,which is before 2005 years.Q: What is the difference between GT1 and OPS?A: They have one same function is diagnose.GT1 is good for cars before 2005 while OPS is good for cars after that,and OPS can do 2009 year models.OPS can do coding and programming for cars have optical fiber.
 Q, You say BMW GT1 can do both diagnosis and programe, when I connect the moveable disk, it only run DIS? why? A:  it needs swtich bettween DIS and SSS. as for "how to  DIS system or SSS system", refer it in " Related Download Files".
Q: why BMW GT1 has both 16 pin cable and 20 pin cable?A: BMW GT1 cover BMW 1988 -2005 that has no optical fiber, it covers OBD-i and OBD-II compliant vehicles including the old cars and new cars. the 20 pin cable is special for old cars. So our customers need not a cable to covert to 16 pin.


1. Be sure to disable/uninstall anti-virus software
Please note,anti-virus software can flag up BMW GT1 software as having a virus. This is a false positive and is due to the software containing the application file. So Before setup the device software, please disable/uninstall anti-virus software or install a more reliable free virus scanner! Our BMW GT1 software is completely safe and virus free and all other virus scanners confirm this.

If the software data is destroyed or lost because you forget to disable/uninstall anti-virus software, please contact our customer service, we arrange to resend you CD or send you the software via internet.

2. Required windows operation system is windows XP
Be sure to setup and run the device software under windows XP. Otherwise the device software and program can be broken or it will fail to work.

SSS Program
Hello, I am trying to install sss progman v32 on a PC but I receive a hardware error shortly at the beginning of the installation. Can somebody point me in the right direction? I am just guessing that some configuration in the bios is not ok. Anyway, my PC in an Athlon XP 2400+ with s3 trio vid card. Everything else in onboard.

B: Necessary to crack HWVer.dll. Are you trying to install on IBM laptop or just a normal Desktop? Don’t forget to replace HWver.dll again in windows/system32 after installing winxp base.

A: With the replace of that file now it's working. I have never thought that this solution could work. Although, I had another problem but it's ok for now. I had to replace my hard drive because it was only 40G to a bigger one.
I am still receiving an error...  When the installation is finished, and the PC has dopped the DVD from the drive the computer is not responding. I mean the mouse and the keyboard is working but the installation is stopped. See the picture below. Tell me what do you think. PS. I installed SSS a couple of days ago on another PC with no problems. This one is making me crazy.

A: Did you change HWver after installing Base XP3.1?in windows\system32

Are you sure HDD is 80GB or bigger?

Are all drivers for hardware installed and recognized?

B: after the base installation with the help of a linux live CDI copied in c:/windows/system32 the Hwver file. After this the installation has began. My hard drive is 160GB. I don’t know nothing about the drivers, cause the installation is fully automatic (no VMware) Ps. I have 3 DVD-s: 1-base; 2-disk 2; 3-disk 3
How much memory do I need? I tried with 256MB, now I am triing with 1G.

A: Memory doesn’t matter.
You need to change the startup manager in registry.
You must use explorer so you can get in Device manager.

Do you have ERD commander?? With this tool you can edit the registry of windows XP 3.1 base.

B: Yes, I have Erd Commander. Can you please tell me step-by-step what should I do? most importantly in the registry.Thanks, Are there any specific configurations in the PC regarding the hard drive and the DVDROM? I have 1 idea cable, the DVDROM is the master and my hard drive is the slave. I have made some changes and after the base installation the system drops the first DVD and the system is restarting. After this I can do nothing because the system is not recognizing the first DVD.Can somebody point me in the right direction?

A: Use ERD commander to edit registry.

and change the SHELL value in "explorer.exe"
pls save or write down the old value!!!!!!!!!!!!

restart pc.
Now you will see normal windows GUI
log in as Administrator
pass: ++Xs4Progman
Disabable Progman AOS services
now you can enter device manager to install all hardware drivers.
After installing drivers enable Program AOS services and change registry value same as before to start programming installation.

B: Thanks man! Now it's working

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