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How to add tokens, how to update and how to install Key Pro M8 ?

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The Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer Tool with 800 Tokens Most Powerful Locksmith Diagnostic Tool

The Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer Tool with 800 Tokens Most Powerful Locksmith Diagnostic Tool   Item No. SK142

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Key Pro programmer M8 is for you to add keys and make new keys.
1. It supports full range of car models.
2. It supports online update and very easy to operate.
3. Key Pro M8 with 800 Tokens is best promotion now!


How to add tokens, how to update and how to install Key Pro M8 ?


How to add tokens, how to update and how to install Key Pro M8 ?

Free Download Key Pro M8 Update Tool V2.0

Key pro M8 VS Superobd skp-900 VS 468 KEY PRO III

Item Name Key Pro M8 (SK142) Superobd skp900(SK155) 468 Key Pro III(SK152)
Item Pic key pro m8 superobd-skp-900 468-key-pro-iii
Vehicles Coverage Europen, American and Asian Vehicles, cover more car models than skp900 does Europen, American and Asian Vehicles, some Chinese car models No Specific models
Support all keys lost Yes,
depends on models list
depends on models list
copy ID46 chip with the original chip
Support functions make auto transponder keys and auto remote keys read/program auto transponder keys, auto remote keys and auto smart keys copy ID46 chip, 
read and write ID46 chip inform
Via OBD or  read key data via OBD cable read key data via OBD cable copy the key by inserting the original key in the hole of the machine
Need tokens Yes,
(with 800 tokens itself, if use up, need money to add tokens)
(with 50 tokens itself, if use up, 
it's free to add tokens online)
Read pin code Yes, for some models Yes, for some models No
Update Online Yes, free for one year Yes, free of charge No
How to Use The Key Pro M8 Key User Manual (includes supported model list) Superobd skp900 User Manual (includes supported model list) 468 Key Pro III User Manual
Note In all, there is no best or worst tool. Also please understand that no tool can do all, each tool has its pros and cons. Which one tool to buy, it depends on your personal needs and budget.

New Technical Support Video for Key Pro M8

how to update key pro M8 software
how to install key pro m8 software driver

How to update the key pro m8 to 11.02v ?

1. install the M8 driver on your PC which can surf on internet, before updata tokens or new software.
If any question, you can refer to the video 'M8 install driver record.exe';
2. connect M8 to your PC via USB cable, and power on your device;
3. double click 'M8 Update Tool.exe'. It can automatically identify the Serial Number of your device and you just input Password;
4. click button 'open updata file'and load file 'S1093B1102.m8', then click button 'download' and it lasts about 10 minutes.
If any question, you can refer to the video 'Update.exe'.
There have new software in this updata file:S1093B1102.m8. and when you test Toyota, no need caculate code.
How to unlock the key pro m8 ?
1. Give serial number and password to our customer service
2. Provide the customer service with the unlock ID and we will give you the right unlock code
3. Input the code, and the device will be unlocked
4. The PIN code remains the original one
5. Copy the documents in the CD to a computer
6. Power up the device, start it up, connect it to the computer via USB cable and install the device driver
7. Run M8 Tool.ex
8. Upgrade Solving Unlock Problem File into the device, for the programs will be cleared after locking

How to setup Key Pro M8 Driver ?

How to update tokens for Key Pro M8 Key Programmer Locksmith Tool ?

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The Keypro m8 Customer FAQ

Q:I have a vag car repair shop,and I want to do vag car key program, which tool can do almost all car?I mean old and newest car!
A:Our SK142 KEY PRO can do it.
Q:dear sellls,I have lost all my key but I want to program a blank key to start the car,which tool can help me?
A:sbb or SK142 key pro.
Q:can your key pro auto key update?
A:yes, it can.
Q: When I installing driver for the key pro m8, it shows "windows encounter a problem installing the driver ", what i should do?
A: Please make sure you are using windows xp system computer to install the driver, and please follow our video to finish the driver installing.
Q: When I start the machine, it tell me " version too old, please update", shall I update it?
A: Yes, you need update your machine if it remind you version too old. Please give us your serial number, we will send you update file and update video, please follow our video to update.
Q: I can not start my machine when I connect by OBD2 cable, what I should do?
A: Please also connect one dongle when start machine, but please do not use Dongle B, this one can not start the device.
Q: Does it can read pin code for Dodge?
A: Yes, it can read pin code for Dodge. 
Q: Should I use it with windows 7?
A: You'd better use it on windows xp pro computer system.
Q: If the "M" dongle in the package?
A: Yes, the dongles have "A" to "M". 
Q: I bought the Key Pro M8 from the United Kingdom. Can I use the tokens from your company?
A: Sorry, you can not.
Q: If the Key Pro M8 has the ADS125 software of the Toyota and the Lexus?
A: Yes, it has the software you momentioned.
Q: I need one device to do the VAG key programming. Is there any good advice?
A: If you only need to do VAG cars after 2007, we recommend you VVDI or FVDI VAG. If you need to do both the new and old car, you need to use the Key Pro M8.
Q: If the Key Pro M8 can do the pin code reading of the citroen cars?
A: Please see the support car list from the picture bellow. It shows that can do. 
Q: Can I share the free update of the Key Pro M8?
A: The firmware update is free all the time. 

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