BMW R280 Plus CAS4+ BDM Programmer New Update of R270

BMW R280 Plus CAS4+ BDM Programmer


BMW R280 Plus CAS4+ Highlights:

R270 Update Version
Support BMW Motorola MC9S12XEP100 chip (5M48H/1N35H)
Support the upgrading of programming tools
R280 Plus Functions introduction:
R280 Plus supports the latest BMW Motorola MC9S12XEP100 chip (5M48H/1N35H), this product is a powerful Motorola microcontroller dedicated programmer.
Automatic search mileage address and display the mileage, the demolition of the chip, the number of kilometers of direct input, the data can be directly visible, can be arbitrarily edited.
Arbitrary read and write /P-FLASH D-FLASH data, this product features a powerful, decryption security, becoming the automotive computer repair, data recovery, data transfer and other professional electronic maintenance engineer.