Coupon Code from

General Coupon codes are always available from! when there is no special coupon code.

General Coupon codes are as follow:
If your order amount is over 200USD, please use Coupon Code: aaa get 2% discount
If your order amount is over 500USD, please use Coupon Code: bbb get 3% discount
If your order amount is over 1000USD, please use Coupon Code: ccc get 4% discount

For your one time purchasing:

When you get Coupon Code or VIP card for next orders:

If your Total Coupon Code point reaches to $2000, you can become to our VIP, and get 4% discount.
If your Total VIP point reaches to $2000, 5% VIP discount.

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Note: Coupon Code may be changed or canceled without prior notice.