Free download VVDI 3.5.3 Software

How to Update VVDI V3.5.3?
VVDI Software update via email/software package  (Free download VVDI 3.5.3 Software)
VVDI Hardware update: online update, no need update file any more.
Run vvdi software, enter Option -> Update Online, connect the internet, then it will be connected with the vvdi factory server and update your hardware smoothly.

VVDI 3.5.3 New Update
1.This version need the newest firmware support
2.Fixb bug for A3/TT/R8 CDC32xx
3.Auto reset cluster after change KM in touareg CAN cluster
4.Fixb bug for learn key in touareg k protocol
5.Add new type for 2013 NEC24C64 TFT color display(3D cluster with SW:0703)
6.Add support to flash E type FRF firmware
7.Immobilizer data tool - Santana immobox 24C04 bug fix
8.Immobilizer data tool - Yamaha Moric S29190 bug fix
9.Immobilizer data tool - Fix bug for landrover 9S12
10.Immobilizer data tool - add support GreatWall Delphi immobox 93C66 - 6pins
11.Immobilizer data tool - add support Rover Discovery 3
12.Immobilizer data tool - fix bug for Koleos 9S12 make key with PCF7936 transponder