How to Operate Fvdi Medc7 MED17 EDC17 Special Function?

how-to-operate-fvdi-medc7-vag-med17-edc17-pinout_2014120984626225.pdf  (2.0M)

We offer the Newest Update 2015 FVDI now supports read data of MED17, EDC17 engine control unit, and calculate 6-byte component security data.

From VAG 18.0 on, FVDI can get 6-byte component security data and PIN by reading EEPROM and flash of MEDC17 ECU.

Here is the device list to be connected with for operating FVDI MEDC17:

PC, FVDI, USB cable, MEDC17 adapter, dongle, welding iron, solders, several 1K ohm resisters, 12V DC power supply.


You can refer to “MEDC17 Pinout.pdf” that shows connections between MEDC17 adapter and MEDC17 ECU. Your PC must be online.

Connections between PC, FVDI, dongle and MEDC17 adapter


The Operation Manual of Fvdi Medc7 MED17 EDC17 Special Function:
Step 1: Disassemble MEDC17 ECU, uncover it.

Step 2: Connect MEDC17 ECU under instructions.

Step 3: Connect FVDI with PC, open VAG 18.0, and enter special functions, and select “EDC17/MED17 Engine Control Unit”.

Special function MEDC17


Step 4: Select correct MCU type, and click “CONNECT”.
Connect to MEDC17


Step 5: Read what you want to read.

Step 6: Assemble MEDC17 ECU and install it to vehicle.