How to Update SKP1000 V18.9 to Latest Software Version?

How to Update SKP1000 V18.9 to Latest Software Version?

1. Format SD card
2. Unzip the SKP1000 V8.19 update file to the SD card root directory.
    click to link to download!SpVXwDaR!i1_b2v9uvSrKFOhwvue2ag5x_CnbIi_BJakU3xmsEf4
3. Turn off the SKP1000 machine, then insert the SD card, then turn on machine.
4. Go to " UPDATE FIRMWARE", tap " SYSTEM FIRMWARE" to wait it update completely
( it will take 1 minute, during the wait time, do not disconnect the power adapter, if the power is off, turn off the machine and try one more time)
5. Update upgrade complete, turn off the machine.
6. Turn on machine, update successfully.