How to use BMW CAS4 Test Platform?

BMW CAS4 Test Platform User Tips
BMW CAS4 Test Platform can test only CAS4 1L15Y-5M48H.
How to Operate BMW CAS4 Test Platform?
Connect CAS4 Test Platform to CAS4 box, supply power then LED1 indicator is on (If LED1 indicator flashes,
the device and CAS4 box can’t communicate), LED2 indicator will quickly flash, it indicates CAS4 box is working.

1. When CAS4 box is connected to the test platform device, the device system will automatically test whether CAS4 box is working or not.
If LED2 indicator won’t flash, it indicates the CAS4 box is not working. The solution is to check whether 5M48H is welded ok after pinout.

2. After make new key, put it on the sensing area of test platform device, within 10 seconds the LED3 indicator will be on, the key is identified.