Newest V45.06 CK-100 Auto Key Programmer add New Car Models

Newest V45.06 CK-100 Auto Key Programmer add New Car Models for Ford, Honda and Toyota.
It is newest version released in 2014, update version of CK100 V45.02, increase much more feature and functions.

ck-100 45.06 supports Toyota corolla 2014,Acura Rex 07-12, Honda CRV 07-13, ford edge 11-14, CK100 V45.06 work can work with newest car models;

ck-100 45.02 supports Toyota corolla 2010-2012, Acura Rex 2007-2010, Honda CRV 2007-2011 and ford edge 2011-2012.

Tested on CK100 V45.02, it is the true working and token base wit a few issue no (ad138 dongle ) switch .
Which mean anything that needs these dongle via mvp it will NOT program. V99.99 lowest cost version but not good.

Which version to have, Shall CK-100 V45.06 be better than V45.02 ?

For the users who need to test the newest car models, they would like to test the V45.06.

For the conservative user, they would like to use the older version V45.02 which was tested safer, and the frequently asked questions already have answers,
such as the Internal error is correctable on the ck100 v45.02 by a piggy back board that plugs int the PCB board.

Tech Tips:
Now CK100 update to V45.06, as the newest version, which has been tested by our tech team it can work as well as the older version V45.02.
So, just trust v45.06, especially for the experienced users who plan to use it to test newer car models,
but if you are a fresh man who have little experience in ECU chipping and a little bit conservative, advice you use the older version,
when you encounter any problem you can refer to the skilled users experience.