On Promotion - Only 425€ for OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 Key Master Standard Configuration

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 Key Master Standard Configuration On Promotion

Special Price 425€ 

OBDStar X-300 PRO3 key master features with the immobiliser key programming functions of SKP900, as well as new function e.g. Odometer adjustment, EEPROM/PIC and OBDII.
Key Master English Version standard configuration:  
Immobiliser + Odometer adjustment +EEPROM/PIC+OBDII
OBDStar X300 PRO3 Language:
Software Update:
Via official website online, free update for 1 year,after one year the update cost is 250USD

OBDSTAR dealer code : 860755B1
Free download obdstar-x300-pro3-testable-car-models.zip
Check here, X-300 PRO 3 Key Master English Version Full package configuration:  

Immobiliser + Odometer adjustment +EEPROM/PIC+OBDII+EPB+Oil/Service reset+Battery matching; 

Free download obdstar-x300-pro3-testable-car-models.zip