Original Launch X431 IV VS X431 Diagun III

Original X-431 IV Auto Scanner and Launch X431 Diagun III are developed by Launch.
What are the main difference between x-431 iv and x431 diagun3 ? 
Here we will talk about the same aspects and the differences between them.

  Launch X431 IV Launch X431  Diagun 3
User Communication                         Both of these two tools support user communication.
Interface optimization All work on diagnosis operating interface.
Users can enter into diagnosis desktop directly after powering on. Direct and Easy to use.
X431 IV diagnoses through test cable. X431 Diagun III supports wired and Bluetooth wireless diagnosis.
Update Free online update for one year
[After one year, update costs 999USD/Year]
Nearly 1000 software can be updated per year to ensure the functions.
Thermal Printer All allow you to print out vehicle fault data with a mini printer.
Operation system LINUX WINCE 5.0
Connections A new connector to replace all CAN Bus and OBD Connector called OBDII16E connector. Bluetooth (wireless)  / Cable (wired)   connections
Display Screen 240X320 LCD with touch screen and backlit 480X272 color touch screen
Battery No 3800mAh. It can be used continuously more than 10 hours.
Main Unit Voltage DC12V/24V, which means small vehicles and big vehicles can be tested. DC 12V (DC 24V cannot be supported yet)  
In one word, both these tools have amazing functions. If you are interesting in these two tools, feel free to view