Technical FAQ on FGTech Galletto 2 V50 (SE61 and SE61-D) about Installation Issues

Technical FAQ on FGTech Galletto 2 V50 (SE61 and SE61-D) about Installation Issues

Technical FAQ on FGTech Galletto 2 V50 (SE61 and SE61-D) about Installation Issues

Q: I successfully setup Fgtech V50 driver, but can't open eobd2.exe software, my OS is WIN7.
A: After setup Fgtech V50 driver, you need to install FG fix tool.
As for how to install FG fix tool, please browse and check fgtech galletto 2 master eobd2 operation video, or contact our customer service to send you video tutorial.
After following the instruction, and still doesn't work? Make sure your computer OS is compatible with FGTECH software, better use WIN7 professional and Window XP professional.

Q: Hi, on my install CD, don't have FGTech_DOWNLOAD_UPDATE.exe and FILE SETUP.EXE. And them I can't to install the FG TECH. Can you send me these files? Please. Thanks
A: yes, the folder FGTech_DOWNLOAD_UPDATE.exe is empty, because the FGTECH v50 can't support update. There is no SETUP.EXE but replaced by EOBD2.exe software, click EOBD2 means to run the software.
But for the first time, you can't open EOBD2.exe, you need to install FG fix tool firstly.

One customer's solution may be helpful to you: "I rewrite ftdi with eep_rep and copy FTD2xx.dll in the fisrt folder and now run eobd ok. (My OS it's WIN7 home premium)."

Q: When FGTECH Galletto V50 runs, I got errors " No dongle found", Cannot find "FGTXX.dll" and "Guard: Malware found".

A: "Guard: Malware found" means "FGTXX.dll" is removed by the anti-virus software Avira, so cannot find "FGTXX.dll", please re-download "FG Fix Tool". after download it, please copy "FGTXX.dll" back to "USB fix" and go on open "eobd2.exe". (Note: before download, disable or uninstall the anti-virus software "Avira", anti-virus software can flag up this software as having a virus, this is a false positive and is due to the software containing the application file like .exe .dll and more, please take easy to download.)

Q: When I install FGTECH V50, I got this error reading "EOBD2.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience...." With two selections "Send Error Report" and "Don't Send".

A: Firstly, make sure you better use Windows XP professional 32 e 64 bit or WIN7 professional 32 e 64 bit. Secondly, please follow the next instructions to operate.

Step one: open FG fix tool-usb fix-eep_rep.

Step two: click FTReadWrite_v3.

Step three:  click "Write EE".

Step four: Open "g2_eep".

Step five: "Writing EE" complete.

Step six: Open "eobd2.exe", when the window appear, just click "OK".

Step seven: Select Language

Step eight: select car model.

Q:  FGTECH galletto v50 got errors as the following picture shows. What's the matter?

A: This picture means the software can't identify the fgtech hardware.
Firstly, make sure better use Windows XP professional 32 e 64 bit or WIN7 professional 32 e 64 bit. Secondly, please follow the next instructions to operate.
1) Connect FGtech to the computer and the car
2) Copy CD-ROM software into your computer.
3) Install the Found New Hardware Wizard for USB FGTech Driver.

4) A new window appears at the bottom right corner of the desktop "Found New Hardware-Your new hardware is installed and ready to use".

5) Open "Device Manager", under "Universal Serial Bus controllers" you will find "USB FGTech Driver", this means FGtech driver is installed, and means the software can identify the fgtech hardware.

Q(1): On this screenshot, the OBD is plugged in the car, why do I have a low voltage message (red ellipse)?

A (1): try to connect the fgtech main unit to the 12V or 16v power adapter to see if it still has "low voltage" message.
Q(2): yes, I bought two 12V power adapters and tried on two vehicles. After the power adapter connected, the red LED light flashed, but it still displays "Low Voltage".
A (2): Try to connect to the 12V power supply, after the red light flashes, use USB cable to connect fgtech and computer, open eobd2.exe. If it has no voltage display, please contact us for further help.

Q:  Its better, in progress, but it's not yet the end.
I've done according to your instructions.
eobd2.exe is starting ok with this dll, interface connected to the PC and the OBD car plug.
But I've a message asking for an update, and eobd2.exe buttons are inactive. When I launch FGTech_UPDATER.exe, the choices don't match with README_SETUP.TXT instructions.


A: After click "EOBD2.exe", you got a message asking for an update reading "New update available, download as soon as possible" it is not an error message, just click "OK" and continue. By the way, our fgtech can't support update.

Q: fgtech galletto v50 needs to active? My hardware ID is 9E11E38B-ADD8, and you send us a KEY, how to use it?
A: our fgtech v50 does not need to active and no need key.

Q: the white fgtech can't support BDM function, right? And the black fgtech can do.
A: No, the white fgtech (item NO: SE61 and SE61-D) also support BDM function (support program ECU by BDM). If you find Fgtech can't support program ECU by BDM, replace the three chips in red circle with original HC14D, as the following picture shows.

Q:  FGTech Galletto 2 (Item code SE61) could read ECU for BMW 118d 143cv 2009 edc17 via OBD, but couldn't write?
A: yes, some ECU type can only be read not written.

Q: Does it need user name and password when use FGTech Galletto 2 v50?
A: No, it doesn't need.

Q: Your site describes as FGTECH v51 is compatible with WIN7 64BIT, where is the driver used in WIN7? The driver is the same one no matter what computer system to use?
A: the driver is in the CD-ROM software, we have video tutorial. And no matter what computer system to use, the driver is the same one.