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BYPASS ECU Unlock Immobilizer Tool Audi VW BMW Free ship For Universal Car

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Product Description

BYPASS ECU Unlock immobilizer Tool is a immo tool for universal car till 2011,mainly do EDC15,EDC16.

BYPASS VW Audi Skoda Seat ECU Unlock Immobilizer Tool

Note: This doesn't include software cd, you can connect the interface to read immo code directly.
There is a user manual cd for a reference in the package. Read it before use this tool.



Tdi EDC16- immo off
Tdi EDC16- immo on
K-line + Can

Test on drives:

0281011145 VW Passat B5 2.0 Tdi mechanical igniton switch
0281011258 VW Tourareg 2.5 Tdi
0281011364 A3 1.9Tdi 2004
0281011568 VW T5 2.5 Tdi 2006/2007
0281011843 Golf5 2.0 Tdi 2004
0281011844 VW Touran 2.0 Tdi 2004
0281011855 VW T5 1.9 Tdi 2003
0281011856 VW T5 1.9 Tdi 2005
0281044882 VW Caddy 1.9 Tdi 2006
0281011883 Skoda Octavia 1.9 Tdi 2004-2010
0281011946 Touran 1.9 Tdi 2006
0281011907 Touran 2.0 Tdi

0281012220 VW GOLF5 1.9 Tdi 2005
0281012390 VW Caddy 1.9 Tdi 2003-2010
0281012696 Seat Alhambra, VW Sharan 2.0 Tdi 2005-2010
0281012698 Skoda Super B 2.0 Tdi 2006
0281012762 VW T5 1.9 Tdi 2006-2010
0281012113 Audi A4 2.0 Tdi 2008
0281012545 AUDI 1.9 Tdi 2007
0281012546 Audi 1.9 Tdi 2006
0281012654 Audi 2.0 Tdi 2005
0281013228 VW Jetta 2.0 Tdi 2007
0281013299 Skoda Octavia2 2.0 Tdi 2005-2011
0281013302 VW Touareg 2.5 Tdi 2005-2010
0281013311 VW Passat 2.0 Tdi 2005-2009
0281013440 VW Passat C 2.0 Tdi 2005-2009
0281013606 VW Golf5 1.9 Tdi 2006
0281013177 A6 2.7 Tdi 2007

0281014044 VW Touran 1.9 Tdi 2006-2010
0281014049 T5 2.5 Tdi 2007
0281014064 VW Golf 1.9 Tdi 2006-2008
0281014128 Tauran 1.9 Tdi 2006-2010
0281014136 Skoda Octavia II 1.9 Tdi 2006-2010
0281014891 T5 2.5 Tdi 2009
0281014384 A6 2.7 Tdi 2007

Tdi EDC15-immo off, immo on:

1.4 1.9 2.5 diesel, since 2000 year to 2004 year, some to 2006 year and even to 2008 year(without AUDI with coded pump)

Selected the needed program with swtiches:

Tdi EDC16 K-Line immo off(3)

Tdi EDC16 K-Line immo on(1+3)

Tdi EDC16 Can 1.9-2.0 immo off(1+3+5)


Tdi EDC16 Can 1.9-2.0 immo on(2+3+5)


Tdi EDC16 Can 2,7 immo off(1+2+3+5)


Tdi EDC16 Can 2,7 immo on(4+5)


Tdi EDC15 immo off(2)


Tdi EDC15 immo off(2+1)


How to use BYPASS VAG ECU Unlock Immobilizer Tool ?

Turn on the ignition switch
Connect the device to the diagnostic plug
Led is bliking fast, if after one minutr it will blink slowly then disconnect device then immo is turn off permanently.If it won't work at first time,then repeat steps from beginning.
Gasoline,diesel without CAN(to about 2001)-emergency start(1)

Connect with the head of the cables plugs of the instrument cluster or immo as pictured
Connect the device to diagnostic plug
Turn on ignition(to 10 seconds)
If led blink slowly then turn on the car.

Gasoline,diesel without can(to about 2001) emergency starts after connecting pins of instrument cluster or immo
Connect with the heads of the cables pins of the instrument cluster

Connect the heads of the cables to 5th pin in green plug of instrument cluster and 25th in the blue plug(in Audi pin 28)

With immo box:

Plug with 6pins, heads of the cables to pin 2 and 3

Plug with 8pins, heads of the cables to pin 7 and 8

Plug with 12pins, heads of the cables to pin 9 and 10

Plug with 10pins(older cars without CAN) heads of the cables to pin 7 and 8

Plug with 12pins, heads of the cables to pin 6 and 8

Immobilizers Simulator

Connecting the emulator
White-CAN L
Black-CAN H

Two Leds incidcating:

Whilte LED-Power
Blue Led- information about transmission
- all switches turn off- diagnostic mode 2 sec do not light/ 1 sec will blink
-Adjusting to the driver-blinking 1 sec
-After adjusting 2 seconds is light on and then will stop for 1 sec

Citroen,Pegueot,Renault ECU with processor TMS374-immo
Power supply of emulator +5V!!!

Connection: look at instruction to emulator immo NO.6
Daewoo ECU with processor HC11F1-immo

Connection: look at instruction to emulator immo No.7
Fiat,Citroen,Peugeot without CAN-immo

Connection: look at instruction to emulator immo NO.8
Kia Sportage 2.0 Tdi-immo

Connection: look at instruction to emulator immo NO.9
Matiz,Tacuma and Lanos 1 4 hybrid-immo

Connection: look at instruction to emulator immo NO.10
Mercedes CR without CAN-immo

Connection: Look at instruction to emulator immo NO.11
Mercedes CR1 with CAN older-immo

Connection: look at instruction to emulator immo NO.12
Mercedes CR2 with can newer-immo

Connection: look at instruction to emulator immo NO.13
Nissan from 2000-2002 year-immo

Connection: look at insutrction to emulator immo NO.14
OPEL immo on HD05-immo

Connection: look at instruction to emulator immo NO.15
Renault without CAN-immo

Connection: look at instruction to emulator immno NO.16
Suzuki with memory OKI-immo

Connection: look at instruction to emulator immno NO.17-18
Suzuki with memory X24C01-immo

Connection: look at instruction to emulator immo NO.17-18
Citroen-Peugeot CAN-immo

Connection: look at instruction to emulator immo NO.19
Mercedes ESL-electronic emulator of the sterring column lock-immo

Connection: look at instruction to emulator immo NO.20
Simulator of seat occumpant detector
The emulator connect to a plug under the passenger seat, instead of original seat occupant detector
There are 3 cables:
+12V ACC
Digital Signal
Before connecting emulator use multimeter to check signals on pins in a plug!
BMW european to 2007 with plastic key-seat occupant detector
-E65 E60 E63 E90 X5
without installed child restraint

Mercedes-seat occupant detector
-E-class W211(2002-2004) with com.airbag Temic
-S-class W220(2003-2005)
Without installed child restraint

Mercedes-seat occupant detector
-A-Class W168(1997-2001)
-C-Class W202(1999-2001)
-Vito W638 to 2003
-ML with comp. airbag TRW 1999
-E W210 to 1999
-E-Class before lifting with lamp Airbag off
Without installed child restraint

Package list:
1 pc x BYPASS VAG ECU Unlock Immobilizer Unit
1 pc x CD (user manual )
1 pc x Connector cable (For connecting with some short circuit vehicles)

Q: Can BYPASS test on 2008 Skoda Octavia 1.9 Tdi (Station Wagon)?
A: Yes,it can.
Q: Does BYPASS tool need key when i connect with car?     
A: Yes, you need key to start the car.

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