General information for all of our company products

Some General information for all of our company products

1. Does this item support for update?
We will list the update method on our web, please check our product description; please kindly and seriously follow update method, do not update our item casually by yourself or update it from original factory; otherwise you will damage the device.

2. How can I get the update software?
We will release the new software on our web or send the new CD to you after we get the new software

3. You advertise this item is in stock, why do you tell me it is out of stock now?
As our product mainly comes from factory, either this item is in stock in our company or in factory, we will list this item in stock, only when this item is out of stock in both our the factory and our company, we will list this item out of stock. If you need one item urgently, you can confirm with our customer service before your shopping. Usually the order from factory need about 3 days.

4. Is there any request for my computer regards this item?
Most of our products shall be installed in a clean windows XP sp2/sp3 32bit system by default, and you need to close the anti-virus system before your operation as well, otherwise the software will be damaged or the software data will miss. Please pay much attention and kindly follow this. If your software be damaged, and lost some data; please feel free to contact our customer service for new software.