Tips To Use CarTool

Tips to use CarTool

1. Press "CarTool" logo, you can go back to our home page.

2. Press "Register" to be our member, if you are already our remember, press "Sign In".

3. Press "My CarTool " to track your orders and some special discount.

4. Press "help" to get more details about VIP discount card, coupon code, return policy and shipment.

5. Press "news and notice" to know more our latest news, such as our promotion.

7. After finish browsing a product page, press “Go to Top”, and decide whether to buy or not.

8. Coupon code: Press "Get Coupon Code" to know the details.

9. Press "Sitemap" to browse all of our site function.

10. If you have some problems on some items, and need our technicial  support, press "Technical Service"

For any question, please contact us at:

Mobile:  86-137-2015-6695
What's App: +86-199-4763-7411