2M2 Magic Tank Auto Key Cutting Machine Work with Android APP with 2 years Warranty

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Product Description

2M2 Magic Tank is an automatic car key cutting machine, which can be used via Bluetooth on Android system without battery.

Newest 2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine Standard Version Work with Android APP

The black one has stock in UK&EU Warehouse! If you need the red one, you can buy the machine with in-built battery.

Highlights of 2M2 Key Cutting machine: 
1.Smart phone connect the machine by bluetooth.Search"Magic Tank" in Google Play to download the APP.
2. It includes 99% of Vehicle keys in database; It also can decode and cut motorcycle keys and Residential Keys.
3.It can generate any key models with blank key when you are in emergency(patent technology);
4.It can customize key data and key type when you need in your local place.
5.No need to change clamp when cutting laser key & flat key
6.Standard clamp include laser key, flat key, dimple key, especial key(Toyota smart single side(Hilux),VW 4 sides key(HU162T), HU66, Free for Benz clamp(HU64)and on;
7. Multi-language: English,Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Italian.
8. Free Update online for Lifetime.
9. 2 years Warranty. Free technical support. Online service to provide remote control support
10. Extra Buy Accessories for 2M2 Tank

2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting machine Supported Vehicles:

Alfa Romeo (GT15, GT16, GT5, GT6,GT8,SIP16,SIP22,YM31)
AUDI (HU162T,HU32,HU49,HU66,HU75,NE19,VO9,WT4,WT7)
BMW (BW7,BW8,HU100R,HU50,HU58,HU8,HU92,PJ2)
CITROEN ( GT10,GT5,GT6,HU83,KI17,NE73,SIP22,SX9,VA2)
FIAT ( F010,GT10,GT15,GT16,GT5,GT6,HU83,LF10,MAZ24,NE19,SIP16,SIP22,SX9,VA2,VO9)
FORD-EU ( FO16,FO18,FO21,FO27,FO31,FO6,H86,HU101,HU66,MAZ1,NE38,NE64)
HOLDEN (FO38,FO40,GM45,HU100T12,MIT2,SZ12,TOY26,TOY27,TOY29,TOY34,YM27,YM28)
IVECO ( GT10,GT6,GT8,LF10,NE19,RT2,VO9)
LANCIA ( GT10,GT15,GT18,GT6,GT8,SIP16,SIP22,SX9)
LAND ROVER ( HU101,HU92,LF10,NE38,NE64,NE75)
MAN ( HU32,HU83)
MINI ( HU92)
OPEL ( GM15,GM19,HU100,HU43,HU46,HU87,NE73,YM27,YM28)
PEUGEOT ( GT10,GT16,GT5,HU83,MIT11,NE26,NE72,NE73,NE74,NE78,PJ2,SIP22,SX9,VA2)
PORSCHE ( HU49,HU66,HU75,NE19,PW1,VO6,VO9,ZD14)
RENAULT ( KT17,NE72,NE73,VA2,VA6,VAC102)
ROVER ( HU92,KI17,NE38,NE64,NE77)
SAAB ( B99,GM40,NSN14,NSN15,WT47,YM22,YM30)
SEAT ( HU49,HU66 )
SKODA ( HU49,HU66,SK22 )
VAUXHALL (GM15,GM19,HU100,HU43,HU46,HU87,NE73,YM27,YM28 )
VOLKSWAGEN ( HU162T,HU32,HU49,HU64,HU66,HU75,HU8,KT17,NE19,PW1,TOY38,VO6,VO9,WT7,YM15 )
VOLVO (F010,HU38,HU52,HU56,HU57,NE26,NE27,NE51,NE66)

Japan & Korea
MAZDA ( FO10,FO14,FO16,FO21,FO31,MAZ11,MAZ12,MAZ14,MAZ15,MAZ16,MAZ17,MAZ19,MAZ22,MAZ23,MAZ24,MA7, New MAZDA)
MITSUBISHI ( CY17, CY18, CY19, CY20,CY24, HU56, HYN11, HYN2,HYN6, MIT11, MIT14, MIT8, MIT9, RT1, TOY40 )
NISSAN (DAT9, MAZ12, NE26, NE38, NI02, NSN10,NSN11, NSN12, NSN14, NSN15, NSN16 )
SSANGYON ( GM15, HON37, HON58, HON60, HON65, HON66, HY16, HYN10, NE19, NE38, NE71, NE77,SSY1, SSAY2, SSAY3, VO9 )
SUBARU ( DAT11, DAT17, DAT9, HU46, HU87, MIT11,NSN14, NSN19, SZ12, TOY43 )
SUZUKI ( HU87, SZ10, SZ11, SZ12, TOY43 )
TOYOTA ( DH4, GM39, HU43, TOY2, TOY24, TOY25, TOY26, TOY26, TOY27, TOY29, TOY3, TOY30, TOY34, TOY36, TOY38, TOY40, TOY41, TOY42, TOY43, TOY45, TOY46, TOY47, TOY48, VA2, New Corolla )

BUICK ( HU100, B100, B111, B97, B99, DW04, GM1, GM29, GM39, GM40, GM41, GM5, GM6, HU100, HU43, HU46, HU60, MIT2, TOY27 )
CADILLAC ( GM1, GM19, GM3, GM37, GM39, GM4, GM40, GM41,GM5, GM6, GM7, GM8, HU100, HU46 )
CHEVROLET ( DWO4, DWO5, GM1, GM18, GM19, GM27, GM29, GM31, GM39, GM40, GM5,GM6, HU43, HU60, MIT2, TOY26, TOY27, TOY29, TOY34, YM22, HU100 )
CHRYSLER ( CY15, CY16, CY17, CY18, CY19, CY20, CY22, CY23, CY24, HU64, MIT11, MIT12, MIT8, Y160, Y162 )
DODGE ( CY15, CY16, CY17, CY19, CY22, HU64, HU72, HYN10, HYN11, MIT11, SIP22, Y160, Y162 )
FORD-USA ( FO10, FO14, FO16, FO18, FO21, FO26, FO27, FO31, FO32R, FO37, FO38, FO39, FO40, FO6, FO8, GM8, H86, HU101, HU8, KIA1, MAZ1, MIT8, NE38, NE64, YM28 )
HUMMER ( FO18, FO6, GM39, GM40, GM41 )
LINCOLN ( FO38, H74 )
MERCURY ( FO14, FO18, FO26, FO27, FO38, FO40 )

APRILIA ( ZD14, ZD16, ZD30 )
DUCATI ( FAR2, GT6, KW14, ZD10, ZD14 )
HARLEYDA ( AF5B, HON23, HY11, HY7, ISP2, NH2 )
HINO ( GM30, HI1, TOY29 )
KAWASAKI ( KW10, KW12, KW14,KW9 )
SUZUKI-C ( SZ10, TOY26, TOY29, TOY43, YH29, ZD10, ZD16 )
YAMAHA ( YH22, YH35 )

2M2 Magic Tank Clamp Introduction

Tips for Using 2M2 machine especially for new users 

After 2M2 machine in your hand
1. Please download APP by android phone
2. Install cutter & probe:https://youtu.be/EETSy9lhWOI
3. Calibration:https://youtu.be/LbiZaD5LocI
4. All the above steps OK.  Now it is time to cut keys, it is easy to use machine.

When you cut keys via bitting or for all key lost, please watch the videos first. Or refer to 3D manual pictures insided in APP.  If you want to cut any key,3D pictures will guide you how to operate  step by step.

Here are videos of operations:

Cut by bitting
HU64: https://youtu.be/SDP8jtKaYGQ
HU66 :https://youtu.be/oyD2Cvs5C2Y
HU100: https://youtu.be/9GivDoU2h6g
HU101: https://youtu.be/tba9nxF6hG8
HON66: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ldxQmIqyQ4
TOY48 All key lost: https://youtu.be/oYviSsk7Bio
Laser key inner 2 grooves: https://youtu.be/zKFl4DD_WxY
Hu162T: https://youtu.be/AynNr0aQCBc

Customize key data: https://youtu.be/JBk_6zNjYv8

 2M2 Magic Tank Specifications

Working Temperature:                  0~50℃
Humidity:                                     10~90%
Adaptor input:                             AC 110~220V 50/60Hz
Adaptor output:                           DC 24V/8A
DC Power:                                   DC 24V/5A
Battery Capacity:                        22V,90Wh
Net size:                                    25*29*35(cm)
Packaged size:                          49.8*435.*498(cm)
Net weight:                               10.8KG
Packaged weight:                      15.5KG
Spindle speed:                         10000RPM
Power:                                     200W
Operation system:                   Android

2M2 Magic Tank Cutting Machine Package List

1pc x 2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine
1pc x Stopper
1pc x Hexagon Driver (2.5)
1pc x Hexagon Driver (8.0)
1pcs x 1.5mm Cutter
2pcs x 2.0mm Cutter
4pcs x Probe
1pc x Blue Spanner
1pc x Red Spanner
1pc x Brush
1pc x Power Adapter
1pc x HU64 clamp for Benz (Gift)
5 PCS x S# Super key blank
5 PCS x L# Super key blank
5 PCS x T# Super key blank

FAQs on 2M2 Magic Tank Cutting Machine

Q1: How can I cut chevrolet laser key?
A: Please choose HU100 in menu then search for chevrolet.

Q2:It only works on Android system?
A: Yes, only android phone right now.

Q3: will magic tank support hu100 or a hu101 a toy48?
A: yes, it can support

Q4: Will it cut minibus keys?
A: Yes, it can support, and it also support key cut for civil use.

Q5:do you sell HU162T clamp to cut new VW keys?
A: HU162T clamp is in the default package, no need extra buy. 

Q6:Does it support Yamaha r15 Ducati ZD30 honda bike?
A:It cannot support motorcycle keys right now, but it will be avail in later updates

2M2 Magic Tank Reviews

1.I have it… and use it few times a day without any issues.

2. I have it and love it. yes on the 2017 fords hu101, Hu162 I did not use on a car. I cut the key for fun. Looked like it cut fine 
thou I do have tibbe adapter and it works awesome also. It will cut the new ford keys.The 2m2 is more like a cnc machine then a key cutter.

3. For 1400dlls it’s a good machine, ive had it for a year now without problems.

4. For good design, only the factory doesn’t think about the rest of the car key iron powder where it will fall down (because of the holes) and it hits the sensor, the engine's rotating gear if it's not cleaned.
I experienced a jammed machine and when I opened it completely with the remaining key iron powder. you should open and clean your machine regularly. for very good performance, I have bought this product early on sale until now 
there may be 1 year.

5. You get what you pay for and what looks like a bargain usually isn't. Miracle key machines cost more, last forever, have every spare part and consumable available and have great after-sales service including perpetual free updates and no token charges.
But they cost two or three times as much as cheap Chinese machines.

6. I still use my trusty A5. Never serviced, rarely cleaned and still more reliable than a newer, far more expensive machine I have.

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Whatsapp: 86-15271813909

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1) UK/EU Warehouse Shipping: 2-4 working days with No Tax. We have stock in our UK and EU warehouse for most items. 
2) 4PX Express: 6 days with Tax Free for UK customers.The tax was pre-paid by us, when package reached, there's no tax no extra fee for customers.
3) Yanwen Express: 10-12 working days for European Countries. Our company have IOSS, declare under 150 EUR, seller pay tax, customers no need to pay tax, So usually no tax or extra fee for EU customers.
4) DHL Shipping: 3-5 working days
For the items have no stock in UK warehouse, we will ship it by DHL.  We will declare a lower price on the invoice to help your clearance. 

If you have not received the goods during the normal time, please contact us for checking the package status timely online or by email: sales@cartool.co.uk

Technical Support
If you cannot download software in the default CD, or if you need technical support for software install, please send email to sales@cartool.co.uk, we will help you by Teamviewer.



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Technical Service

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