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[UK Ship]MPPS V18 MAIN TRICORE MULTIBOOT with Breakout Tricore Cable Support Checksum and ECU Recovery Function

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Product Description

  1. MPPS V18 MAIN + TRICORE + MULTIBOOT with Breakout Tricore Cable
  2. Warranty: one year
  3. Latest Software version: V18.12.3.8
  4. Package comes with Breakout Tricore cable.

Multi-languag MPPS V18 MAIN + TRICORE + MULTIBOOT with Breakout Tricore Cable

This module adds support for advanced features of Marelli ECU.
MPPS covers a range of controllers including M3.8, M5.9, ME7xx, MED9, MED17, EDC15/16/17, Delphi, Siemens, Marelli, Delco, Sagem, Trionic and many others…

MPPS V18 Software Download
Software Version:
Language: English, German, Afrikaans, Danish, Finnish, Filipino, Czech, Portuguese, Dutch, Slovenian etc.
System: Supports Wins 7 32/64 bit

MPPS V18 Features:

Read / Write Micro, Flash and EEprom without using a BDM programmer!
For Fiat 6F3 – Full Read / Write Micro, Flash and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
For Fiat 6JF – Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over K-line.
For Fiat 8DF – Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over K-line.
For Fiat 8F2 – Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
For Fiat 8F3 – Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
For Fiat 8GM – Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over CAN.
For Fiat 8GS – Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over CAN.
For Fiat 5SF3 – Full Read / Write Flash and EEprom over CAN.
For Fiat 5SF3 – Full Read / Write EEprom over K-Line.
For Fiat 5SF8 – Full Read / Write Flash and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
For Fiat 5SF9 – Full Read / Write Flash and EEprom over CAN.
For Fiat ME7.9.10 – Full Read / Write Micro over CAN.
For Fiat ME7.6.3 – Full Read / Write Micro over CAN.
For Opel 6O2 – Full Read / Write Micro, Flash and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
For Opel 6O3 – Full Read / Write Micro, Flash and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
For Opel 6JO – Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over K-line.

This module adds boot mode support for controllers with the triple-core processor.


Automatic detection of ECU and processor types. No need to select from list, everything is automatic!
Read/Write all memories of Eeprom, Irom, Xrom (if possible)
Patch function for OBD Flashing of TPROT ECU (supports only VAG at the moment)
TPROT / DS check feature for testing if TPROT is active without opening ECU.
Supports Bosch up to TP12
Supports Siemens (current only applicable to ECU without password protection)
Supports for unlocking of VAG Simos PCR and Simos 8.
Checksum Correction supported for Bosch MEDC17.

Additional Features:
The MPPS is a powerful programming tool. It offers general reading / writing operations and checksum support, however it also includes some additional features:
Excellent recovery functions. In some cases, MPPS can recover ECUs, while others tools cannot even communicate with it.
On certain controllers, it even works without programs(a blank memory).
When the ECU allows this function, all or part of reading and writing can be selected.
Selectable reading / writing speed.
Writing "changes only" function for faster programming (when supported by the ECU).
Automatically detect K-Line/CAN, and optionally bypass and force preferred communication method.
Temporarily bypass the immobiliser to allow flashing on the bench of ME7 systems.
Boot mode supports ECUs with C167 and ST10 processors.
Includes EEprom read / write functions for certain ECUs.
Check the VAG MEDC17 TPROT level without turning on the ECU.
Vehicle Coverage:

For Alfo Romeo,For Audi, For BMW, For Chrysler,For Citroen, For Ducati, For Fiat, For Vauxhall, For Ford, For Generic, For Bosch, For Holden, For Hyundai,
For Isuzu,For Saab, For Volkswagen,For Iveco, For Kia, For Lancia, For Land Rover, For LondonTaxis, For MCC-Smart, For Seat,For Volvo, For Mercedes,
For MiniCooper, For Mitsubishi, For Nissan, For Opel, For Peugeot, For Skoda, For Porsche, For Renaul, For Suzuki and much more.
Software Interface Display:

Package includes:

1pc x MPPS V18
1pc x Breakout Tricore cable
1pc x CD Software


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Technical Service


Q: Will mpps v18 clone work on Windows 7?
A: Yes. It supports Win7 32 bit/64 bit system.

Q: Can I install this tool on Windows 7 64 bit system in German?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Does it support Italian?
A: Mpps V18 support multi-language, including Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, German etc. But Italian isn’t included.

Q: I couldn’t open the software. What’s the problem?
A: Please install driver well before opening the software, otherwise the software can’t be opened. Please make sure you use the driver from our CD. NOT use driver for other MPPS version.