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Product Description

  1. This is the THINKCAR THINKDIAG Diagnostic Tool+All Car Brands Activation Licenses+1 Year free update, help you save money!
  2. Thinkdiag is an OBD tool that uses Bluetooth to connect with a Smartphone or tablet. It is an economical and portable diagnostic tool for car enthusiasts and mechanics.
  3. Thinkdiag is composed of the Thinkdiag Dongle and Thinkdiag App, which can install client soft-ware and diagnostic software, to carry out vehicle fault diagnostics.
  4. Thinkdiag connects to the vehicle's OBD port and communicates wireless with the smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth.
  5. Thinkdiag can be compared to any professional and expensive diagnostic equipment. It can scan the full systems which including reading version information, reading fault code, clearing fault code, reading data flow, actuation test, ABS bleeding, etc.
Thinkcar Thinkdiag Diagnostic Tool with All Car Brands Activation Licenses and 1 Year Free Update


1.This is the THINKCAR THINKDIAG Diagnostic Tool+All Car Brands Activation Licenses+1 Year free update, help you save money! 

2. Including Full Brands and All Special Functions, ECU Coding, Bi-directional Testing and Adaptations for over 294 diagnostic packages + over 246 car brands.

3. The full package of car brands is available with 1 year of update.

After two years, you can renew your subscription or use those car brands that were downloaded at the last moment.  In case you do not plan to renew your subscription, keep a folder with the car brands. Then, if your tablet is lost or broken, you can transfer all data to another Android device without buying a subscription.

4. Activation of all brands is only available for Android Device.
Search "ThinkDiag+" on google play to download all car softwares.

Top Reasons to get Thinkdiag

1. Support Full System Diagnostic , including Airbag, SRS, Engine, Transmission, BEI, and more ...

2. 16 kinds of reset service:  it includes but not limited to Maintenance Light Reset, DPF Regeneration, Brake Pad reset, Steering Angle Reset, Battery Matching, ABS reset, Throttle Matching, Tire Pressure reset and more.

3. Cover up to 115 large vehicle manufacturers. 30 softwares is ready now.

4. Bluetooth connect to Android/iOS Phone.  Plug ThinkDiag into the OBD port, open ThinkDiag App on the smartphone to do the vehicle diagnosis.

5. For detailed Functionlist , please check it here: https://www.mythinkcar.com/ coverage/checklist

6. Multi-Language: English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portu-guese,Italian, German. Thinkdiag diagnostic software supports the following languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian , German, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Greek, Persian, Finnish, Hungarian, Swedish, Turk-ish, Serbian, and Croatian.

7. Ship from UK/EU Warehouse !

Who is Thinkdiag target for?

Thinkdiag aims to provide affordable, high-performance products for mechanics, garage techni-cians, and individual owners who enjoy working with vehicles.
Some scenarios are:
1) If you do door-to-door service or road rescue, whether it be maintenance or repair, a portable Thinkdiag is the best choice.

2) For garages, instead of using an expensive diagnostic tool, Thinkdiag can be considered as it is so powerful and covering all diagnostic functions.

3) For DIY users, when basic OBD equipment cannot meet your high demands, the powerful "Thinkdiag" will be able to diagnose more and make maintenance easy.

4) The Lightweight and compact design make the Thinkdiag the ideal tool for people who have certain maintenance skills and, to carry affordable Thinkdiag diagnostic equipment.

Thinkdiag Functions Introduction

1. All Systems Full Functions Diagnosis.

Thinkdiag will read auto system error codes, and clear system error codes.

2. Thinkdiag support 16 kinds of reset functions

1. Oil reset service

2. steering angle calibration

3. Electronic parking brake reset

4. Battery Register & Battery Maintenance

5.ABS bleeding

6. Electronic throttle position reset & learning

7. Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration

8. Mature pressure monitor system reset

9. Tooth learning

10. Anti-theft matching

11. Injector matching

12. Air suspension reset

13. Gear reset

14. sunroof RESET

15. EGR reset

16.AFS reset

Note: This special function does NOT work for all car models, if you are confused, please send your car brand, model and release year to seller to check it for you.

3. Auto-VIN.
 It can recognize your car type the automobile which helps a lot when u repair a car.  

4.Thinkdiag can communicate with ECU, do the ECU coding for your car.

5.Thinkdiag support Active Test Functions.

6. Thinkdiag will read vehicle live data, and present through graph. Optional combination of several dates.

7. Thinkdiag support do an OBD vehicles diagnostic report, and Print the vehicles report.

Thinkdiag Supported Carlist

Cover up to 115 large auto software, there are 30 software ready.

How to Set up your THINKDIAG device for the First-time

1)Download ThinkDiag App
Search "ThinkDiag" in App Store or Google Play. ThinkDiag App is FREE to download. 

2)Sign In or Sign Up
If you already have a Thinkcar Tech account , please sign in with your Thinkcar Tech account; If you do not have one, please sign up for an account. Please note that one Thinkcar Tech ac-count is common for all products from Thinkcar Tech company.

How to Sign Up for an Account
Open the ThinkDiag App, click on “Sign Up”. Input your username, email, and verification code (which will be sent to the email you input), then create your own password. Click on “Sign Up” and finish.

3) Activate a ThinkDiag Device

After the registration, there will be a notification of “Activation Code”. Click on “OK” to open the activation page, you need to input the serial number and a 8-digit activation code of your ThinkDiag device.

4)Download Diagnostics Software

After the activation, go to “ThinkStore” to download diagnostics software. Each ThinkDiag de-vice comes with 1 FREE diagnostics software for one year. Please select the software based on your vehicles, and download the corresponding software.

5) Insert the ThinkDiag Device into OBDII port in Your Vehicle
Usually, the OBDII port is located under the dashboard, above the pedal on the driver's side. Here are the 5 common positions of OBDII port. Insert the ThinkDiag device, there will be a green light which indicates the device is powered on.

6) Bluetooth Connection
Open the ThinkDiag App, it will automatically search to activated device and connect via Bluetooth in the App.

7) Start to Use Your ThinkDiag Device
After the bluetooth connection, you can use all the functions of your ThinkDiag device such as: All Systems Diagnostics, Maintenance&Service Functions, OBD II Diagnostics, Thinkcar Re-mote Diagnostics.


Q1: What's the different lights of ThinkDiag indicate?
A: There are four different lights of ThinkDiag:

Continuous Green Light : ThinkDiag device is powered on.
Continuous Blue Light: Bluetooth is connected.
Flashing Blue Light: Bluetooth is in communication.
Continuous Red Light:Firmware upgrade successful or firmware upgrade failed.

Q2: Does my Thinkdiag device need to be charged? How about the power consumption, is it safe?

A: Thinkdiag is powered directly from the vehicles OBD port. The power consumption of the device is very low and it's safe.

Q3: Does Thinkdiag work with diesel trucks?

A: Yes. Only for light duty.

Q4: Will Thinkdiag interfere with other devices in my car?

A: No, our Bluetooth module has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it does not interfere with other Bluetooth devices.

Q5: Does my Thinkdiag device use my car's Bluetooth?

A: No, it does not.

Q6: Why do I need to download the diagnostics software after download the App?

A: Due to a variety of vehicle manufacturers on the market, different vehicle manufacturers re-quire corresponding diagnostics software. Therefore, ThinkDiag will recognize the vehicle manufacturer first while diagnosing, then download the corresponding diagnostics software to work.

Q7: What is Thinkdiag's vehicle diagnostic software policy and the ThinkStore?

A: The first time you use this tool, it will ask you to select the vehicle diagnostic software you want to download. Each manufacturer software is $39.95 per year.
ThinkStore has all the all the vehicle diagnostic softwares that Thinkdiag can use, covering more than 95% of car models in the market. The diagnostic software is valid for one year and require renewal after expiration.

The procedure for purchasing additional diagnostic software is as followed: Activate device → Open ThinkStore in the Thinkdiag App → Select the software → Select buy now/add to shopping cart → Complete payment → Download diagnostic software → Start the diagnosis.

Q8: Which vehicle can ThinkDiag diagnose?

A: ThinkDiag supports 37 vehicle manufactures, diagnoses more than 110 vehicle brands. The diagnostics software are available in ThinkStore in the ThinkDiag App.

Note: The sizes of different manufactures' diagnostics software are different. 
Some software are large which requires a good network environment to download.

Q9: What smartphones can download ThinkDiag App?

A:ThinkDiag App supports smartphones with Android 5.0 and above, IOS 9.0 and above. It cannot be used on PC with WINDOWS system.

Q10: Does ThinkDiag need firmware upgrade?

A: Yes, it does. When the ThinkDiag device is connected to the bluetooth on your smartphone, it will automatically check if the firmware of your device is the lasting version. If it's not, it will upgrade automatically.

Q11: Can the same App account bind with multiple devices?

A: Yes, you can set it in the App .

Q12: How long is your warranty period?

A: One year.

Q13: Does Thinkdiag require an internet connection?

A: Thinkdiag device required Bluetooth connection with your smartphone. If you need to update your vehicle diagnostic software, your smartphone needs an internet connection.

Q14: How do I check my report?

A: You can check your report history on the “Diagnostic” or “My” page.

Q15: Can I share my test reports to others?

A: Yes, you can share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or within the 
Thinkdiag App community (ThinkMoments).

Q16: Can the reports be saved in PDF format?

A: Yes.

Q17: Can my Thinkdiag device be used on more than one car?

A: Yes, the device can be used with different vehicles as long as you download the correspond-ing diagnostic software.

Q18: Can my Thinkdiag device connect to multiple smartphones?

A: Yes, simply use the same login information. After logging in with a new smartphone, the software matching the car model will need to be downloaded to the new phone.

Q19: Can Thinkdiag device connect to a laptop or PC?

A: No. Thinkdiag device is only supported by the official Android and IOS App.

Q20: What do I do if I forget my password?

A: Please use "forgot password" on the login page.

Package List

1 * Thinkdiag scanner

1 * package

1 * password paper


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