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[Clearance Sales][UK/EU Ship] XTOOL KS-1 Toyota Emulator Support All Key Lost For Toyota/Lexus Work with X100 PAD3 or Xtool Pad2

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Product Description

  1. Xtool KS-1 Toyota / Lexus all keys lost-free disassembly, Five-in-one simulation card for generating emergency simulation keys.
  2. Once all the Toyota / Lexus keys are lost, the smart box and other modules in the car need to be disassembled,then turn on the ignition switch, so that the smart key can be removed and added, and the operation is tedious.

XTOOL KS-1 Emulator Support All Key Lost For Toyota/Lexus Work with X100 PAD3 PADIII or Xtool Pad2 

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KS-1 The five-in-one simulation card can eliminate the need to disassemble the smart box and other modules.
As long as the original car data is read from the OBD to generate the simulation card, the ignition switch can be turned on to realize the function of clearing and adding the smart key.

Top Reasons to Get Xtool KS-1

1.Toyota/Lexus All Lost Nodisassembly

2.Support Toyota/Lexus all key lost and dismantled,read the original car data from OBD to
generate emergency simulation key,directly drive the car without disassembly,intelligent and efficient

3.Intelligently Generate New Keys

4.Through reading of the original car data,a smart key is generated,which can be operated according to the process of adding a key.
Supporting the generation,copying and simulation functions of the key chip 

5.More Cars

Support Toyota 94 / D4, 98, 39, 88 / A8, A9 type smart key all-key-lost matching. Matching speed is fast

After matching the key, turn off the power or remove the battery to restore the initial state

Key Type Tested Already

NO. Vehicle Year Key Type Support or Not Remarks
1 RAV4 2015 88 Yes  
2 Alphard 2013 94 Yes  
3 Alphard 2015 A9 Yes  
4 Previa 2008 94 Yes  
5 Crown 2010 98 Yes  
6 Crown 2015 A8 Yes  
7 Crown 2016 A8 No After 2016,Toyota Crown is not supported
8 Prado 2011 98 Yes  
9 Previa 2013 94 Yes  
10 Reiz 2011 98 Yes  
11 Innova   39 Yes The car is being tested for the Indian Tango

XTool KS-1 Specification 
Parameter Index
Battery CR2025 3V 165mAh
Standby current Standby current≤2μA
Reading and writing frequency 125kHz
Status Indicator Lamp 1pc (mode: turn on and light up for 2s and then extinguish; Flicker, flash, 0.5s/ time when writing or reading)
Update The simulation card firmware can be updated  with KC100
Working temperature -20℃~60℃
Storage temperature -20℃~70℃
Structure size 66mm*40mm*12mm

Package List

1*KS-1 Emulator

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How to use Xtool KS 1 Simulator to do Toyota All Key Lost

Technical Service

Xtool KS-1 simulator User Manual

 Xtool KS-1 Compatible with these Xtool devices:

XTOOL X100 PAD2 (need to buy kc100)


Xtool A80 (need to buy kc100)

PS90 (need to buy kc100)

H6 (need to buy kc100)

X100 PAD3

How to use Xtool KS-1 simulator to program Toyota Lexus smart key when all lost?  

1.Connect x100 pad2 with vehicle, select Diagnosis->Immobilization->Toyota->All smart key lost->Read Immobilizer data.

2. Select “Read immobilizer data” to read vehicle immobilizer data.

3. According to the prompt, please press car's START button to read the data. 
  It will show the completion ratio of the read data as below:

4. After reading the data, please save the data and name the saved file.

After saving, the saved information will be shown as below.

5. When generating KS-1Toyota simulator key, please connect KC100 or KC501 fist (Please noticed the device must be connected to the network). Click 'Generate emulated key'button.

6. And then click OK button to select the file saved in the previous step.

7. After the document selection is completed, the screen will display the current key type, please click on YES or NO to confirm whether it is correct.

8. After confirmation, the system will update data to Xtool server for data verification and calculation.

9. After verification, it will activate KC100 or KC501.

10. Please put the KS-1 simulator card into the KC100'S or KC501's slot and follow the instructions to complete the next operation.

11.Please click on “Yes” to the next step. (This operation will make device bound with KS-1 Toyota simulator card).

12. Binding succeed.

13.After the bidding is successful, the simulator key is generating.

14. Generated successfully.

15. After generating the simulation key successfully, select “Add key” to add keys

16. Please follow prompts for relevant operations.

17. The Xtooldevice will prompt programming success.