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New Lonsdor K518 Pro

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Product Description

CG100X programmer covers 90% of the car models and modules in the market, including American, German, French, European, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Chinese domestic series, as well as engineering vehicles and motorcycles. It is powerful, and is the first choice for your store.
CGDI CG100X v1.2.0.0 New Generation Smart Car Key Programmer for Airbag Reset Mileage Adjustment and Chip Reading Supports MQB
Product Introduction:

Product Functions:
1. Support 4600 car models dashboard mileage repair 
2. Support more than 4,500 airbag models repair
3.Support body control module repair
4.Support accessory clone replacement
5.Support various chip data reading and writing
6.Support BMW CAS series and Land Rover models key function

CG100X Latest Update Information: 
CG100X V1.1.1.0 (2023.04.14)
1. Added 71 models to dashboard.
2. Added 22 models to airbag.
3. Added 16 models to read-write.
1. The following models are added for dashboard.
 Aochi X3 2022- 24C16
 Boruda DS8 2018- 24C04
 BAIC Kustu T1 2022- R5F10DPGJ
 Besturn E50 2009- 9S12HZ128
 Honda CIIMO 2013- 93C66 Large screen
 Honda Motor CB190X Wuyang Honda 2020- 24C04
 Honda Motor CM300 24C04
 BYD AUTO song PLUS 2021- 24C16
 Changhe LIANA 2011- 24C02
 Changhe Changhe Suzuki Huaduoli 24C02
 Spring breeze 700 CLX 24C08
 MAXUS MAXUS Istanbul 2013- CTA1023
 Dima Harvester 2021- 24C16(16CM)(mileage+time)
 Dongfanghong Agricultural machinery 9S12HY64(hour) V2
 DongFeng HuashenF5 MPC5606S
 DongFeng Fengxing LingzhiM3L 2017- 24C04(04CM)
 DongFeng Yufeng EM26 2018- 24C256
 DongFeng Fengshen AX4 25040
 DongFeng Furuika 2022- 93C86
 DongFeng Liuqi Chenglong H5 2022- 24C64
 DongFeng DFSK V27 2012- 9S12HA32
 DongFeng Fengshen AX4 2018- 25040(25LC04)
 DongFeng Fengguang 500 2021- 24C16(4G16)
 DongFeng Fengguang 360 2015- 9S12HA32
 Toyota Coaster CAT1023
 FOTON Oumake CAT1023
 FOTON Oumake S1 130 2020- 24C04
 FOTON shidai xiaoka 3 2013- MB96F673A
 Hanteng Hanteng X5 2019- 24C04
 Geely Binrui 2022- 24C64
 Geely geometry A 2019-24C16(24G16)
 JAC JUNLING 2022- 24C16
 JAC JUNLING 2022- 24C08
 JAC JUNLING V5 2022- 24C04
 JAC Sihao A5 2021- 24C04
 JAC IEV5 2015- 24C04
 JMC shunda 2015-24C08(08CM)
 JinBei Grace 24C01B
 JinBei HIAC X30 2022- 24C16
 KINGLONG Jinwei 2018- 9S12HA32
 KaiMa Ruihang X1 24C08
 Excelle 525X 24LC32
 LOVOL Corn machine 2021- 24C04(mileage+time) (Signal processor)
 LiFan Remarkable blue maple leaf 80V 2021- 9S12XHY128((Dashboard))
 Leopaard Mattu(merrto) 2021- 9S12ZVH128
 LonKing Forklift 25040(time)
 LonKing LonKing ZhuangZaiJi 24C64
 LonKing Forklift 95640
 Nezha V 9S12G64
 Chery Finless porpoiseEV 2022- 24C16
 Nissan navara 2017- 93C86 V2
 Roewe E550 2016- 9S12XHZ512(Dashboard)+160DOWT(BCM)
 Roewe craig EV360 2021- 25160(Dashboard)+95320(BCM)
 Lingong E660 Digger 9S12ZVH64
 Shaanxi Auto Xuandeyi 9 2021- 24C08
 Shaanxi Auto Dragon X3000 2019- R5F10TPxxx
 MAXUS T70 9S12XHY256
 SOJEN Skatel 9S12HY48
 ISUZU ISUZU  100P 2022- 24C16(4G16)
 ISUZU Electric car 2022- R5F10DSLL
 Hyundai Oncino 2021- 24C32
 XCMG Roller 95640(mileage+time)
 Yanmar 85 Harvester 2018- R5F10DMFJ(hour)
 ChangAn crossover D5 2021- 9S12HY64(SC667529CLL)
 ChangAn kaicheng F70 MPC5606S(SC667585CL SPC5606S)
 ChangAn kaicheng The star of Changan 2014- 9S12HA32
 ChangAn XingkaA 9S12HY48
 nissan nissan ruiqi  2021- R5F10DPGJ
 CNHTC HOWO 2020-25256 (mileage+time)
 ZOOMLION Gengwang Tractor 9S12ZVH128
2. The following models are added for airbag.
 BAIC E00098305 R7F701A033
 Benz A204 901 27 04 95640
 Honda 77960-T7A-B610-M2 R5F61725
 Honda 77960-T70-H310-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TVA-B010-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TL4-Y630-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TJH-B210-M2 R7F701A233
 BYD AUTO SCEA-3658100(SEC30) Step One 25640
 BYD AUTO SCEA-3658100(SEC30) Step Two SPC560P50L3
 BYD AUTO SA3HA-3658100A(SEC30-C) Step One 95128
 BYD AUTO SA3HA-3658100A(SEC30-C) Step Two PC560P50L3
 Buick 13518781 SPC56AP54
 Buick 13523856 SPC56AP54
 DongFeng U40003760 SPC560P40L1
 Toyota 89170-33T30 R7F701A223
 Geely 6600016556 643422800 XC2336A-72
 Chrysler P68186642AD 95256
 MAXUS C00224537 95320
 Subaru 98221 AL240 95640
 Hyundai 95910-BU050 95512
 Great Wall 3658110XKM03A TC222-16F
 Great Wall 3658100XP6PXA R7F701009(single airbag)
3.The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
 LiFan Remarkable blue maple leaf 80V 2021- D70F3637(BCM)(read write)
 Hyundai Kustu 2021- 24C16(read write)
 Buick 13594403 D70F3548(read write)
 Volkswagen 5QD 959 655L R7F7010423(read write)
 Toyota 89170-47840 R7F701A223(read write)
 Toyota 89170-07580 R7F701A223read write)
 Ford FJ5T-14B321-AB 95640(read write)
 Geely 8889512208 A3C1041920000 431028 R7F701009(read write)
 Geely 8889464868 A3C0273950000 431028 R7F701009(read write)
 Geely P8890543891 T2006120000075 25160(read writer)
 Mazda K123 57K30B 95128(H128)(read write)
 MAXUS C00266722 R7F701008(read write)
 WuLing 23764804 R7F701009(read write)
 WuLing 23814190 R7F701009(read write)
 Chevrolet 26684818 D70F3548(read write)
 Iveco 5WK44339 95080(read write)
 Iveco J3858527(5802115751) 25160(read write)

Package Includes:

1pc x CG100X unit
1pc x EEPROM holder
1pc x EEPROM adapter
1pc x PRO cable
1pc x USB cable
1pc x CAN cable
1pc x EEPROM solering cable
1pc x EEPROM clip
1pc x adapter
1pc x EEPROM adapter

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