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XTOOL XV100 8.5mm HD Endoscope 8 LED IP67 Waterproof Car Inspection Borescope for XTOOL D8

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Product Description

Product Introduction:

XTOOL XV100 industrial endoscope can be widely used not only for automobile inspections, but also for inspections in any hard-to-reach area at home,  in the office or factory. Since XTOOL XV100 endoscope inspection camera can help you to inspect areas that is normally inaccessible, it is easier to find the solution with it.

Product Features:
XTOOL XV100 Endoscope Make car maintenance & inspection easier!

User-Friendly Design, Save Your Time for Inspection!
0.34'' (8.5mm) probe is easy to sneak into narrow places.
1080P HD Camera High-definition camera captures close-up images and records videos clearly.
8 LED lights can adjust the brightness according to the environment, to further illuminate low-light or dark areas to improve image clarity.
2.63 ft (80 cm) flexible snake tube can be easily bent into various shapes to sneak into hard-to-reach areas.
IP67 waterproof, no difficulty in water or oil inspection.
Snapshot button, one-click snapshot and save it to your XTOOL diagnostic tool for later viewing.
LED light adjuster adjusts the intensity of the light.
High Compatibility: Work with D8, A80, A80 Pro and A80 Pro Master. Turn your XTOOL diagnostic tool into a visual inspection camera.

Multi-Functional Application
Vehicles: Used for quality inspection and assembly inspection of auto parts (Such as engine, oil pressure parts, nozzle parts, etc.).
Homes: Used to check the rust, dirt and blockage of drain pipes or steel pipes, the internal diagnosis of walls, etc.
Factorys: Used to check mechanical equipments and parts. Suitable for research and development field.

Product Highlights:
0.34'' Probe + 2.63ft Flexible Snake Tube: Easier to sneak into hard-to-reach areas and places.
1080P HD Camera: Easily view subtle details related to component wear or failure.
8 Bright LED Lights: Further illuminate low-light or dark areas to improve image clarity.
IP67 Waterproof: Can work at an underwater depth of 2.63ft . Do NOT worry about using the videoscope in wet places.
Easy to Use: Easy-to-grip PC handle with a snapshot button and a LED light adjuster.
Useful Accessories: * Hook >>> Unclog obstacles/pick up wires, * Mirror >>> View the unreachable areas, * Magnet >>> Pick up small metal objects.

Uesful Accessories Help You Locate Faults Quickly & Accurately!
Hook: Helps to unclog obstacles and pick up wires in pipes or confined areas.
Mirror: Helps to look around corners and view the unreachable areas.
Magnet: Helps to pick up small metal objects, such as dropped screws.

XTOOL XV100 Endoscope Work with XTOOL Diagnostic Tool
XTOOL XV100 usb endoscope is mainly used for close-up visual inspection of difficult-to-reach automotive/home areas that are normally invisible, such as engine cylinders, most spark plug holes, small components, pipelines and sewers. Helps you to quickly locate confined area problems without disassembly.
No need to download additional apps, perfect match with D8, A80, A80 Pro and A80 Pro Master via 4.9 ft (150 cm) USB 3.0 cable.

Product Functions:

Wide Application in Maintenance Field

For Automotive Maintenance:
Check your car's internal parts for wear or damage without taking whole component apart.
Check your car's bottom components for rust, damage or wear without lifting up the car.
Check a used car before buying to avoid future expenses and troubles, etc.
For House Maintenance (Household Appliances, Pipelines, Sewers, etc.):
Such as locate cables, pipes, valves, leak sources, pests, etc.; find blockages, damage, and corrosion; find damaged parts; check machines; find missing items......
For Factorys:
Check mechanical equipment and components, and R&D products.
Best Choice for drivers, car enthusiasts, auto repair shops, mechanics, homes, offices, factories, etc.

How to Use XTOOL XV100 Endoscope?
Operation Steps:
1. Install the XTOOL XV100 endoscope.
2. Connect the XTOOL XV100 endoscope and your XTOOL auto diagnostic tool via the USB cable.
3. Go to "Extended functions" to click on the "Endoscope" app in your XTOOL automotive diagnostic tool.

Please Note:
1. Do not bend the snake tube excessively to prevent it from losing its shaping ability.
2. Do not expose the endoscope to rain or humid environment.
3. Do not use the endoscope in an environment that exceeds the specified operating temperature. Too high or too low temperature will cause irreparable damage to the camera.
4. Do not use in certain areas that may be charged (such as charged cables, etc.) to avoid danger of electric conduction.
5. Keep the endoscope away from children to avoid danger.

Package Includes:

1pc x Inspection Videoscope
1pc x User Mannual 
1pc x Magnet
1pc x Mirror
1pc x Hook

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