Yanhua ACDP-2 Full Package with Module 1- 31 Total 31 Modules Including Both Adapters and License

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Product Description

This valued combination kit come with Yanhua ACDP-2 Master basic module and module 1- module 31, 31 modules in total, including both adapers and license
Yanhua ACDP-2 Full Package with Module 1- 31 Total 31 Modules Including Both Adapters and License

Package Includes:

#_ACDP-2 Programmer
#01_CAS Module
#02_FEM/BDC Module
#03_ISN Module
#04_35XX Module
#05_Fujitsu CPU MB91F Module
#06_MQB Module
#07_Refresh BMW key
#08_FRM module (FRM Footwell module)
#09_Jaguar/Land Rover KVM Module
#10_Porsche BCM Module
#11_EGS Module
#12_Volvo Module
#13_VW/Audi Gearbox Clone Module
#14_MPS6 gearbox clone
#15_Mercedes-Benz DME clone
#16_Mercedes-Benz gearbox Clone / Refresh
#17_BMW E chassis 6HP refresh
#18_Mercedes-Benz DME/ISM refresh
#19_ SH725XX Gearbox Clone
#20_ New VOLVO IMMO module
#21_ VW / Audi gearbox mileage correction
#22_ GM 6T/6L Gearbox Clone
#23_ Porsche 12V lithium battery restore
#24_ New JLR(2018+)IMMO module
#25_VW/Audi 0DE gearbox mileage correction
#26_ Ford DPS6 Gearbox Clone
#27_BMW MSV80 / MSD8X / MSV90 DME Read/ Write ISN and Clone
#28_ZF-9HP gearbox clone
#29_ Audi Gen5 BCM2 IMMO Module
#30_ VW/Audi 0BH Continental gearbox mileage correction
#31_BMW F chassis BDC IMMO via OBD

Function List:

1. Support 93 /24/ 25 / 35/ 95 Series EEPROM in circuit programming (ICP) and on adapter board programming (OBP). This module is a necessary basic configuration
2. (1) Support CAS1 – CAS3+ IMMO key programming by OBD or ICP mode, Mileage reset, Read/Write EEPROM and FLASH data. (2) Support CAS4/CAS4+
3. Support FEM/BDC IMMO key programming by ICP or OBP mode, Mileage reset, Recover/Backup data.
4. Read/write N20/N55/N13 ISN code via OBD. Read/write MSV80/MSD85 ISN code without opening DME shell. Read/write other DME ISN code by opening DME
5. Support erase/adjust mileage of 080DOWQ/T,160DOWQ/T EEPROM.
6. Support Fujitsu CPU MB91F (Honda Fit, KIA K3/K5, Sonata 9, etc.) Mileage adjustment.
7. Support parts of VDO mileage adjustment/key programming of VW MQB platform via OBD, and Passat MMC (NEC D70F3525 + 95320) instrument adjustment
8. Refresh BMW E chassis/F chassis (CAS) key to make BMW keys can be used repeatedly.
9. Read and write BMW FRM module (FRM Footwell module) 0L15Y chip EEPROM/FLASH data. Read and write 3M25J chip EEPROM/D-FLASH/P-FLASH
10. Support Adding key and all-key-lost for new Jaguar and land rover after year 2015.
11. Support Adding key and all-key-lost for Porsche BCM.
12. Support clearing ISN of BMW 8HP (F/G Chassis)/6HP (F Chassis) Gearbox
13. Support adding keys and all-key-lost for Volvo semi-smart keys (OBD and ICP) and smart key (ICP).
14. Support VW (Volkswagen), Audi DQ200 (0AM / 0CW), DQ250 (02E / 0D9), DL382 (0CK), DL501 (0B5), VL381 (0AW) models and etc.
15. Support Volvo, Land Rover, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, etc. MPS6 chip’s gearbox clone.
16. Support Mercedes Benz Bench mode DME clone.
17. Support MB dual-clutch gearbox,722.8 gearbox clone and 722.9-2/3 gearbox refresh.
18. Worldwide first support: clear the BMW E series 6HP EGS ISN on Bench.
19. Support Mercedes-Benz 271/272/273 etc.DME and ISM refresh.
20. Support all ZF 8HP,DQ380/DQ381 0DE,MB VGS-NAG3,BMW GETAG 7DCT and BMW TEMIC DKG gearbox clone.
21. Support adding key and all-key-lost for new VOLVO full-keyless key(Reading CEM data by ICP mode,Programming new kyes by OBD).
22. Support VW/Audi DQ200 (0AM/0CW), DQ250 (02E/0D9), DL382 (0CK), VL381 (0AW) gearbox mileage correction.
23. Support 6T30/6T35/6T40/6T45/6T50/6T70/6T75/6T80/6L45/6L50/6L80/6L90 gearbox clone.
24. Support new Porsche (2018-2020) 12V lithium battery automatic data repair.
25. Support the new JLR (2018+) OBD duplicate key and program key by replacing RFA module.
26. Support VW/Audi DQ380(0DE), DQ381(0DE), DQ500(0DE) gearbox mileage correction.
27. Support 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox clone for Ford Focus, Ecosport, Fiesta, Aspire, Figo etc.
28. Support BMW E/F chassis MSV80, MSD80, MSD81, MSD85, MSD87 ,MSV90 DME read/write ISN and clone.
29. Support JLR, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Honda, Jeep ZF-9HP gearbox BOOT mode clone
30. Support adding key and all-key-lost for 2013-2018 Audi A4/A5/Q5 and other models. Support adding key for 2013-2019 Audi A6/A7/A8 and other models.
31. Volkswagen/Audi DQ500(0BH Continental)gearbox mileage correction.
32. Support BMW F chassis BDC key programming and mileage reset via OBD CAN/OBD DoIP.

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