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Yanhua ACDP 2 BMW IMMO Package with Basic and Module 1/2/3 for BMW CAS FEM/BDC Add Key All-key-lost FEM/BDC Restore with Free Gifts

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Product Description

  1. 1. Yanhua Mini ACDP-2 BMW IMMO Package with License
  2. 2. Includes ACDP 2 basic module + ACDP2 module 1/2/3 + Bench interface board(N20/N55/B38/B48)
  3. 3. Support BMW Add Keys and All Key Lost CAS/FEM/BDC Module Clone and Mileage Reset ISN Read & Write

Yanhua Mini ACDP 2 Programming Master with Module1/2/3 BMW Standard Package

ACDP2 BMW IMMO Package Include:

★ACDP-2 basic module with License A801
★Module 1: BMW CAS Module with License A500
★Module 2: BMW FEM/BDC Module with License A50A A50C
★ACDP-2 module3: BMW ISN Module with License A50B A50D A50E
★ACDP-2 N20/N55/B38 bench interface board
★ACDP-2 B48 bench interface board

Package Features:

1. ACDP-2 Basic Module with License A801
Support 93 /24/ 25 / 35/ 95 Series EEPROM in circuit programming (ICP) and on adapter board programming (OBP), 
and parts of Freescale / NEC MCU in circuit programming (ICP). This module is a necessary basic configuration for other modules.

2. CAS Module (Module1) with License A500
Support BMW CAS1-CAS4+ key programming and mileage reset by ICP and OBD.
Support BMW CAS1-CAS4+ CAS module replacement by ICP.
Support BMW CAS3/CAS4 DME replacement by OBD.
3. FEM/BDC Module (Module2) with License A50A A50C
Support BMW FEM/BDC key programming and mileage reset by automatic mod.
Support BMW FEM/BDC replacement by copying data and calculating data.
Support BMW E/F chassis enable/disable/delete key by OBD.

4. ACDP-2 ISN Module (Module3) with License A50B A50D A50E
Support BMW N20/N55/B38/B48 DME ISN read by bench mode.
Support BMW E chassis MSV80/MSD81/MSD85/MSV70/N46/MSS60 etc. DME ISN read by can/OBD.

Yanhua Mini ACDP Highlights:

Test car NO longer needs engines
YANHUA car keys programming NO longer need soldering iron
Car locksmith NO longer needs soldering work.
The first in the world
Programming no need soldering

Yanhua Mini ACDP IMMO/Mileage Programming

No need to remove chip
No need soldering
No need to cut the line
No need to lift the pin

BMW Chassis Number and Corresponding Anti-theft System List

BMW Chassis Number and Corresponding Anti-theft System List 
BMW 1 Series
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E81(3-door hatchback)    2007-2011    CAS3/CAS3+
E82(Coupe)    2007-2014    CAS3/CAS3+
E87(5-door hatchback)    2004-2011    CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+
E88(Convertble)    2008-2015    CAS3+
F20(5-door hatchback)    2011-2018    FEM
F21(3-door hatchback)    2012-2018    FEM
F52(Sedan 4-door)    2016-    BDC
F40(5-door hatchback)    2018-    FEM or BDC
BMW 2 Series
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
F22(Coupe)    2014-    FEM
F23(Convertble)    2014-    FEM
F44(Gran Coupe)    2020-    BDC
F45(Active Tourer)    2014-    BDC
F46(Gran Tourer)    2015-    BDC
BMW 3 Series
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E21    1975-1982    None
E30    1982-1990    None
E36    1992-1999    EWS1/EWS2
E46    1998-2006    EWS3
E90(Sedan)    2005-2012    CAS3/CAS3+
E91(Travel version)    2005-2013    CAS3/CAS3+
E92(Coupe)    2006-2010    CAS3/CAS3+
E93(Convertble)    2007-2014    CAS3/CAS3+
F30(Sedan)    2012-2018    FEM
F31(Travel version)    2012-2018    FEM
F34(Gran Turismo)    2013-2020    FEM
F35    2015-    BDC
G20(Sedan)    2018-    BDC
G21(Travel version)    2018-    BDC
BMW 4 Series
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
F32(Coupe)    2013-2020    FEM
F33(Convertble)    2013-2020    FEM
F36(Gran Coupe)    2014-    FEM
BMW 5 Series
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E28    1981-1987    None
E34    1988-1995    EWS
E39    1995-2003    EWS1/EWS2/EWS3
E60(Sedan)    2002-2010    CAS3/CAS3+
E61(Travel version)    2002-2010    CAS3/CAS3+
F07(Gran Turismo)    2009-2016    CAS4/CAS4+
F10(Standard axle and wheelbase version)    2010-2016    CAS4/CAS4+
F11(Travel version)    2011-2016    CAS4/CAS4+
F18(Long wheelbase version)    2010-2016    CAS4/CAS4+
G30(Standard wheelbase version)    2016-    BDC
G31(Travel version)    2017-    BDC
G38(Long wheelbase version)    2017-    BDC
BMW 6 Series
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E24    1976-1982    None
E63(Coupe)    2002-2007    CAS3/CAS3+
E64(Convertble)    2002-2007    CAS3/CAS3+
F06(Gran Coupe)    2011-    CAS4/CAS4+
F12(Convertble)    2012-2019    CAS4/CAS4+
F13(Coupe)    2011-2018    CAS4/CAS4+
G32(Gran Turismo)    2017-    BDC
BMW 7 Series
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E23    1977-1979    None
E32    1986-1994    None
E38    1994-2001    EWS1/EWS2/EWS3
E65(Standard wheelbase)    2001-2008    CAS1
E66(Long Wheelbase Version)     2001-2008    CAS2
F01(Standard wheelbase)    2008-2012    CAS4/CAS4+
F02(Long Wheelbase Version)     2008-2012    CAS4/CAS4+
F03(Protection)    2009-2012    CAS4/CAS4+
F04(Hybrid version)     2010-2012    CAS4/CAS4+
G11(Standard wheelbase)    2016-    BDC
G12(Long Wheelbase Version)     2016-    BDC
BMW 8 Series
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E31    1989-1999    EWS
G14(Convertble)    2018-    BDC
G15(Coupe)    2018-    BDC
G16(Gran Coupe)    2018-    BDC
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E84    2009-2016    CAS3/CAS3+
F48    2015-    BDC
F49(Long Wheelbase Version)    2016-    BDC
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
F39    2018-    BDC
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E83    2003-2010    EWS4
F25    2011-2018    CAS4/CAS4+
G01(Foreign version)    2017-    BDC
G08(Domestic version )    2018-    BDC
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
F26    2014-2018    CAS4/CAS4+
G02    2018-    BDC
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E53    1999-2006    EWS2/EWS3/EWS4
E70    2006-2013    CAS3/CAS3+
F15    2013-2018    BDC
G05    2018-    BDC
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E71    2008-2015    CAS3/CAS3+
E72(Hybrid version)     2010-2015    CAS3/CAS3+
F16    2014-2019    BDC
G06    2019-    BDC
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
G07    2019-    BDC
BMW M Power Series M2
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
F87    2015-    BDC
BMW M Power Series M3
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E90(Sedan)    2005-2012    CAS3/CAS3+
E92(Coupe)    2006-2010    CAS3/CAS3+
E93(Convertble)    2007-2010    CAS3/CAS3+
F80(Sedan)    2014-2018    FEM
BMW M Power Series M4
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
F82(Coupe)    2014-    FEM
F83(Convertble)    2014-    FEM
BMW M Power Series M5
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E60    2003-2009    CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+
F10    2010-2016    CAS4/CAS4+
F90    2018-    BDC
BMW M Power Series M6
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E63(Coupe)    2005-2010    CAS3/CAS3+
E64(Convertble)    2006-2010    CAS3/CAS3+
F06(Gran Coupe)    2012-    CAS4/CAS4+
F12M(Convertble)    2012-    CAS4/CAS4+
F13M(Coupe)    2012-    CAS4/CAS4+
BMW M Power Series M8
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
F91(Convertble)    2020-    BDC
F92(Coupe)    2020-    BDC
BMW M Power Series X3 M
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
F97    2020-    BDC
BMW M Power Series X4 M
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
F98    2020-    BDC
BMW M Power Series X5 M
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E70    2006-2013    CAS3/CAS3+
F85    2014-    BDC
F95    2020-    BDC
BMW M Power Series X6 M
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E71    2008-2015    CAS3/CAS3+
F86    2014-    BDC
BMW M Power Series X7 M
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
F94    2019-    BDC
BMW i Electric Series i3
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
i01    2013-    BDC
BMW i Electric Series i8
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
i12    2014-2016    BDC
i15(Roadster)    2016-    BDC
BMW Z Series  Z3
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E36    1992-1999    EWS2(99 Model)
E37(convertible)    1992-1999    EWS2(99 Model)
BMW Z Series Z4
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E85(Roadster)    2002-2009    EWS2
E86(Coupe)    2006-2009    CAS2
E89(Roadster)    2009-2016    CAS3/CAS3+
G29(Soft top convertible)    2019-    BDC
BMW Z Series Z8
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
E52(Roadster)    1999-2003    EWS2/EWS3
BMW Mini
Chassis    Year Coverage    IMMO System
R50(Cooper)    2000-2006    EWS
R52(Convertble)    2002-2008    EWS/CAS
R53(CooperS)    2000-2006    EWS/CAS
R54(Clubman)    2015-    BDC
R55(Clubman)    2007-2014    CAS3/CAS3+
R56    2005-2012    CAS3/CAS3+
R57(Convertble)    2010-2015    CAS3
R57(Cabrio)    2013-    CAS3
R58(Coupe/Roadster)    2012-2019    CAS3
R60(Contry Man)    2010-2017    CAS3
R61(Pace Man)    2013-    CAS3
F54(Clubman)    2013-2019    BDC
F55    2013-2019    BDC
F56    2013-2019    BDC
F60(Countryman)    2015-2019    BDC
PS: BMW EWS not supported by Yanhua ACDP, you can choose Digimaster 3 for BMW EWS

Yanahua ACDP BMW Package vs CGDI BMW vs VVDI2 BMW

Clumn Name    ACDP BMW IMMO Package    CGDI BMW    Xhorse VVDI2 BMW
Price    $859    579$    1099$
BMW CAS1-CAS3 Key Programming    Yes    Yes    Yes
BMW CAS4-CAS4+ Key Programming    Yes, No need Soldering    Yes, need Soldering    Yes, need Soldering
BMW FEM/EDC Key Programming    Yes, No need Soldering    Yes, need Soldering    Yes, need Soldering
BMW DME ISN Code Read & Write    Yes, No need Soldering    Yes, need to buy authorization, and need soldering    Yes, need Soldering
BMW 35080 35160DO WT EEPROM Read & Write    Yes, need to buy Module 2(SK247-4)    Yes, need to buy authorization, and need soldering    Yes, need Soldering
Refresh BMW Keys    Yes, No need Soldering    Yes, need to buy authorization, and need soldering    Yes, need Soldering
Free FRM Programming    Yes, need to buy Module 2(SK247-8)    Yes, need to buy authorization, and need soldering    Yes, need Soldering
BMW CAS Mileage    Yes, No need Soldering    Yes, need to buy authorization, and need soldering    Yes, but need to work with other device

Package List:

ACDP BMW Standard Package Reivew:

Review 1:
Reading ISN from MSD85 works fine without opening ecu, but write isn you need tricore pass and opening ecu. But with no tool that reads password this function is useless, hope they add a function to get password over ACDP. 

When I can’t write isn to dme I will try to renew cas and write isn from dme in cas, hope that will work biggrin i will Test these days and Report

Review 2:
Nice to see someone with the tool!!
Read ISN OBD on F10 N55 engine. Perfect. Read ISN on MEVD172 open ECU perfect.
I'll try another key, all keys lost with ISN.

Review 3:
CAS3 board is easy to install
CAS4 board is a bit tricky both working good with mileage reset

Adding key on CAS3/3+ with working key works good, but you have to add on 4th place, when i try to use place 1-3 the app returns to place selection... (tested with some china keys)

FEM/BDC Mileage reset is also working good, for eep reading use a clamp instead of puncture socket, that cames with the device. 

RF Test is working good, tested some key (VW, audi, porsche) but tested without app only with RF test adapter


Q:Hello i have your tool bmw acdp and i need authorisation bmw egs isn clear A51A how much for it?
A: If you have acdp master already, you just need buy module 11 now

Q: Can this device reset (to zero )bmw used key without opening ?
A: No, it do not support this

Q: I have a bmw e70 x5 year 2007, it is CAS3, what i need buy to do dash via obd port?
A: You need buy ACDP Master and module 1

Q: I have 2013 bmw f30 and all key lost, what module you recommend to buy?
A: You need buy Yanhua ACDP master and module 2 and module 3 adapters

Q: Whether it support for BMW 6HP,8HP TCU virgin; whether it can read and write isn from cas to egs?
A: It support 8HP only currently, 6HP model will be available in coming update.

Q: Added key in the body bmw f32
After writing from the key, the central locks do not open and do not close.
Engine starting after I pass the key on the steering column
The function keyless does not work
The key is written with an error
A:Please identify original key and new key, to confirm whether the frequency of these two keys are same and send picturs to us to confirm

Q: I want to change vin on my all modules in bmw f30 2015. correct odometer and write delete key, what shall i buy?
A: You need buy Yanhua ACDP Master and module 2 adapters

Q: What function i need to open

A: You need buy Yanhua Mini ACDP programming master Module7 and open Refresh BMW key authorization

Q: Can i change vin on bmw f15 (x5) fem/bdm 2013-2017 , also can this device change vin in dme
A: It support,but if newest x5 is bdc2, it do not support, it only support bdc1 before years 2016.
it can change vin in dme, but only support for following models:

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video for bmw fem edc all key lost by Yanhua mini acdp

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